Supply Format

Our Pulley Lagging is available in 2 variations

Lagging Rolls
  • Cut to size and fits all pulley sizes.
    - Reduces stock keeping on site and enables installers to immediately lag a pulley.
  • Rubber backed ceramic rolls all have convenient cut lines/intervals to ensure easy fitting and trimming.
  • Standardized at 6.5m and 12.5m. Custom lengths are available.
    - Most pulley face-widths divide neatly into 6m and 12m, with the extra 500mm to assist with cutting and handling.
    - 6.5m rolls are lighter and easier to carry.
    - 12.5m rolls reduce waste.
  • Packed approximately 400mm in diameter and 500mm high, depending on length and thickness of lagging.
Lagging Strips
  • Strips are made to order for clients who wish only to cover a specific pulley.
  • Each strip is wrapped and packed individually.
  • Rubber backed ceramic strips are supplied with rubber ends to assist with trimming and finishing.
    - Bricked Ceramic Tread is only available in strips
  • Manufacturing of strips is usually completed on the same day as the order is placed.