Onyx Tread

The Impact of Vibration

The value of Rubber Backed Ceramic Lagging in terms of traction, life of the conveyor belt and fire safety, is well understood. However, most Rubber Backed Ceramic Laggings available on the market introduce significant vibration into the conveyor system. This is due to the regular linear arrangement of the ceramic tiles and large horizontal grooves that result in a hammering effect as each row of ceramic tiles comes into contact with the underside of the conveyor belt. This vibration impacts on the life of other components in the conveyor system, especially on the bearings, pulley shafts, nearby idlers and gearboxes.

How ONYX Tread Reduces Vibration

Around the circumference of the pulley, the rows of tiles and diamond patterns vary. This lack of a regular pattern prevents the build-up of vibration. It is a concept seen in the tread design on most vehicle road tyres. In addition, the ceramic tiles are narrow (only 15.5mm) and the gap between the last tile in a horizontal row and the first tile in the next row is minimal. The minimal gaps and narrow tiles allow the Pulley Lagging to conform to the cylindrical face of the pulley. This design feature eliminates the undesirable hammering effect and ensuing vibration that occurs.

Additional Features & Benefits
  • The narrow tiles and minimal gaps between tiles further improve the life of the conveyor belt by creating a more consistent surface to which the conveyor belt can conform.

  • The diamond pattern grooves and circumferential grooves enhance the water and fines expulsion, thus making the lagging ideal for any conveyor speed, including high speed applications.

  • The rubber is high strength, highly elastic and abrasion resistant.

  • The ceramic tiles are prepared through an automated spraying process, giving a consistent 100% rubber tear strength bond.

  • The back surface of the ceramic tile is ridged for additional bond shear strength.

  • The lagging comes standard with a CN bonding layer for high bonding strength to pulley surface.

  • Available thicknesses: 12mm; 15mm; 20mm; 25mm.

Chamfered cut lines every 50mm to fit standard pulley sizes.

Each tile is fully embedded in rubber.

Tread Pattern is chamfered for improved expulsion of water and matter.

Looking closely, one can see the difference in size and shape of the diamond tread blocks in each row. This is the technology behind the anti-vibration design.

The 500mm wide strip can be cut in increments of +/-25mm (the increment varies due to the variation in tread block sizes across the width of the lagging). This allows for a tight fit over the circumference of the pulley.